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Samsung B650 3.1ch 430W Soundbar

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Samsung B650 3.1ch 430W Soundbar

  • 3D cinematic surround sound
  • Impressive Bass, wirelessly connected to TV and Soundbar
  • Night and Voice enhancement
  • Bigger Bass, greater action at a click of a button
  • Directional sound to amplify your gaming experience

3D Surround Sound (Virtual DTS:X)

Experience 3D surround sound without the need for a roomful of speakers. The B650 is a sound solution that has the ability to simulate a cinematic experience, delivering overhead sounds while ensuring dialogue remains clear and centered through clever sound processing and virtual DTS:X audio formats.

Impressive Bass (250W)

Don’t let wires get in the way of your enjoyment. Whether you’re watching the latest blockbuster or enjoying your favourite game, instantly feel part of the action with the great bass of a separate subwoofer that brings your entertainment to life.

Bass Boost Mode

Bigger Bass, greater action at a click of a button. Boost your bass for that cinematic feeling and add bolder depth to your favourite playlist. Be sure to add the beat to your party and make every scene seem like a blockbuster.

Built-in center speaker

Experience crystal clear dialogue with a dedicated center channel speaker. It provides balanced sound from one end to the other and beautifully completes your home entertainment experience.