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LS-440 Turntable with Built in Speaker

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The Lenco LS-440 is a turntable with built-in speakers. The four speakers (two 15 Watt speakers and two 10 Watt speakers) provide a nicely balanced sound.

The four speakers provide a nicely balanced sound.

The turntable is easy to use.

Simply plug it in and instantly enjoy your favourite LP! Alternatively, stream your playlist on your smartphone using Bluetooth to connect to the turntable’s speakers.

If you want to retreat and relax with your favourite music, simply plug in headphones.

The adjustable speed enables you to choose between 33 and 45 rpm and you can easily play singles and LPs.

The LS-440 is a belt-driven turntable and equipped with a high-quality Audio-Technica cartridge.

Using the start-stop button, you can stop the disc at any time and restart it where you left off.

The Lenco LS-440 is equipped with a preamplifier that can be switched on and off.

The plastic dust cover ensures that your record player does not disappear under a layer of dust.

Measurements: H 19.2cm x W 42.50 cm x D 37cm

Colour: Blue-Taupe

Material: Fabric

Number of audio channels: Stereo 2.0

Power output: 50w