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Samsung The Frame Art 32″ HD TV

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Samsung The Frame Art is a stunningly slim TV and glare-free canvas that can be endlessly transformed to showcase the things you love in your home.

  • A TV that fits beautifully in your home – designed to look just like a picture frame
  • Ground-breaking Matte Display absorbs reflections – for a glare-free viewing experience
  • Transform your TV into a work of art when it’s turned off
  • Powered by Quantum Dot for a naturally bright and colourful picture
  • Easily switch up the colour of your Frame TV with customisable bezel frames

Matte Display
Modern Frame Design
QLED Technology
Art Mode

Experience glare-free picture viewing – Matte Display
Tired of seeing distracting glare on your TV screen? The Frame’s ground-breaking Matte Display overcomes this problem as it absorbs reflections – so even in bright light you’ll have the best possible viewing experience. It also helps your TV look just like a picture frame, so you can enjoy beautiful artwork on a glare-free canvas.

Designed to look like a slim picture frame
The Frame 32” is a stunningly slim TV that you’ll want to watch even when it’s off. This elegantly minimal TV with tidy cables even hangs just like a picture frame, near flush to the wall, so it’ll blend beautifully with your home.
*Bezel sold separately.

Style The Frame, your way – Customisable Bezels*
Switch up the colour and style of your Frame TV with customisable bezel frames.* Designed to look just like the edges of a picture frame, it’s never been easier to customise The Frame TV to work with your taste, space or the artwork on display. It’s quick and easy to swap them – all it takes is a snap to switch things up and refresh your everyday space.
*Customisable bezels each sold separately. For full availability, visit

TV when it’s on, Art when it’s off – Art Mode
Instead of turning into a black screen, The Frame transforms into a showcase of beautiful artwork and photography when it’s turned off, allowing the TV to become part of your décor. Enjoy your favourite pieces for as long and as often as you like with no screen burn worries – guaranteed